What is your shipping policy?

SINGAPORE shipping is door-to-door via Singpost, Ninja Van etc. or delivery contractor.

INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY: we do a lot of international shipping, but you must EMAIL US (aaron@arthurzaaro.com and/or jess@arthurzaaro.com) because this site does not calculate international shipping rates. Please email us the FINAL DELIVERY ADDRESS (not just the country!) and we can reply within 48 hours or less with rates.

What is your warranty?

All of our solid wood items have a lifetime warranty against defects in the wood or our finishing. Any items with extreme cracking, warping, defective finishes etc. are replaced or refinished free of charge. However, it is rare that this happens because we have very thorough drying/processing/finishing procedures. The warranty does not cover wear and tear from normal use (see Refinishing below).

Refinishing Tables and/or Cutting Boards?

TABLES/BENCHES: Most refinishing issues are due to normal use over an extended period, or accidents (we’ve had nail-polish, cigarette burns, children’s drawings…etc), as well as cutting existing tables in half to make desks, coffee tables etc. Because of the labour involved, we only offer our refinishing services on Arthur Zaaro items. Local 2-way transport is charged (or you can have your table delivered to us) as well as a nominal fee for labour. Please email us to coordinate refinishing.

CUTTING BOARDS: We are currently offering free refinishing while you wait — inclusive of sanding, planing, oiling and polishing on any of our cutting boards. Most customers like them more as they acquire signs of use, but we are happy to make it brand new again if you like. Please email us to coordinate.

What is your return policy?

We try to accommodate changes in plans on un-delivered items by offering credit toward other items when possible. With custom cut items, it is difficult to offer credit. We don’t allow returns on shipped items, but can sometimes take it back and offer credit. Please contact us if you need to return an item. We have done our best to highlight the accurate sizes, shapes and other characteristics of our items through the photos and text on this site.

How do I order wholesale?

Please see our wholesale/restaurant info page

Is the Singapore wood legal?

YES: all permits have been issued by NParks, URA etc. and the Singapore trees/branches are only cut during landscaping work, urban redevelopment etc. We can provide certification for international shipping. Please read all about the wood here: About our Products

Are the prices on Arthur Zaaro items the same at different retailers?

YES: We have a pricing agreement with our retailers so that you can be assured you receive the best price no matter where you shop. The items in our showroom are at the same prices you will find at our retailers.

What is at the Arthur Zaaro SHOWROOM/FACTORY?

We do not sell our items below our retailers’ prices. However, we may have a lot of custom, one-of-a-kind pieces here, as it is difficult to showcase these on the website or at other locations. We can also arrange for custom cutting here, as our factory is next door to our showroom. Factory/showroom location and hours

Are you hiring?

YES: please click here