All boards:

  1. Are wrapped in recycled, recyclable corrugated cardboard with a string and label securing the exterior

  2. Come pre-seasoned and finished with white mineral oil (do not worry if there are very slight oil marks on the packing interior)

  3. Have the price tag removed — ready to give as a gift without re-wrapping!

  4. Have a copy of the invoice (but not wrapped inside with the board)

  5. Have our flyer with information about the Singapore origin of the wood

  6. Have an instructional, informational booklet attached to the board

  7. The booklet has board-care information in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese — please see the sample pages in the photos here

packing photo 91.jpg
packing photo 922.jpg
AZ booklet f and back.jpg
AZ booklet inside f and back.jpg
Booklet pages-01.jpg
Booklet pages-02.jpg
Booklet pages-05.jpg
Booklet pages-04.jpg
Booklet pages-03.jpg
Booklet pages-06.jpg