Personalize a Board

Personalize a Board


Unique gifts with a personal touch. Our customers have been requesting names & dates for birthdays, weddings and purchase dates. We’ve also done dates to commemorate moving to, or from, Singapore (we stamp the board below the Made-In-Singapore logo.)

These solid hardwood boards are going to last a LONG time. Have your month and/or year of purchase stamped on the board and impress your friends in 50 years! Great for passing on to grandchildren several decades from now…

Less is more… This is intended for simple dates and/or names — not messages. The Singapore Wood/Arthur Zaaro logo is burned into the wood with a branding iron, but the personal addition is hand-stamped with individual punches meant for small scale custom marking. For larger quantities of boards, a custom branding-iron can be made. Please contact if you require a custom branding iron for logo/text for larger quantities.


1. will be hand-stamped by our craftsmen, will look handmade & may not be perfectly straight

2. our stamps are ALL CAPS

3. limited to MAX 30 letters+numbers

4. months will always appear as 3 letter abbreviations (JAN, FEB, etc)

5. our numbers are a larger font than our letters

6. a custom form field to enter your text will appear AFTER you click “add to cart”

7. if you’ve purchased multiple boards, indicate the board to stamp before or after the “TEXT” you want stamped on the board

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