LIVE EDGE BOARDS Limited edition, every piece is unique. The natural edge & possibly some bark is left on one side. Can be rustic to elegant depending on your display. Dual use: cut & prep on one side, keep the other side like new for serving. Single slab of wood - not strips glued together. Medium to large sizes. Great gifts.

CHEESE / SERVING BOARDS our most well-known boards – and they’re not just for cheese! Cut, serve, host, display etc. Squares, rectangles, natural shapes, live edges – this is the collection for our most interesting small to medium pieces. Dual use: cut and prep on one side, keep the other side like new for serving. Solid - not pieces glued together. Great gifts!

ARTISANAL SHAPED BOARDS Our carpenters show off their skills & cut unique shapes & handles around the natural curves & bends of the wood. Limited edition & one of a kind. Dual use: cut & prep on one side, keep the other side like new for serving. Always a single slab of wood - never glued together. All sizes. Great gifts - can be personalized with date/name.

STANDARD BOARDS House boards & work-horses of the kitchen (but beautiful enough for serving) rectangular sizes optimized to fit standard counter-tops. Single slabs of wood – not strips glued together. Must have in every kitchen. Choose with/without meat juice groove. Feet can be added. Medium to large sizes.

BIG XL to XXXXL PARTY & BBQ BOARDS Do you host parties for more than 10? Are you the BBQ master who wants to bring EVERYTHING at once from the grill to the table? Big boards are hard to find. Solid slabs (not pieces glued together) are harder to find. Look no further. Ours are expertly designed, & may have feet, handles, meat grooves & more depending on the style.

BAGUETTE BOARDS hand crafted for cutting/serving baguettes & French bread – on one side. Flip over for serving antipasti, sushi or any long display on the flat side. Perfectly spaced cutting marks, scooped to catch crumbs. Single block of wood - no glued pieces that can come apart. Perfect gift for the chef who has almost everything.


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